Why Use an Agent Like SSN?

10 Jan

In the age of the internet and the ease to Google your product needs and order online why would you pay extra to use a sourcing service like SSN?

Of course there are lots of reasons but one of the ones SMEs don’t pay close enough attention to is the problems you can find yourself in by importing products into the US.  US and Canadian Customs have little patience or understanding for your lack of knowledge in regards to regulations. For the few dollars saved you could find yourself in a business ending predicament down the road. Properly identifying your product and paying the appropriate duties is essential and not something that taking your best shot at will do. The importer or factory that is shipping the items to you have no responsibility at all other than following the export rules of their country.  Product identification codes, HTS codes are not the same in a country like China compared to the US or Canada and you can’t rely on your supplier to correctly identify your item.     The storage fees and fines alone on a held up shipment while you work out the problems could exceed the value of your goods in quick order. You are required to keep records which can be audited at any time in the future and of course there are quite detailed regulations on exactly how they should be kept and for how long.  If your goods arrive on your doorstep via an air shipper from your internet order and you somehow think you are not responsible for any documentation or somehow your shipment is not considered the same as a full container of product then you would be wrong and most likely will regret the oversight in the future.  As I’ve said earlier, Customs has no sense of humor at all.

A good agent will act as the Importer of Regard and assume all responsibilities with Customs. From a legal standpoint you are buying the product from them and bear no responsibility at the time of shipment or down the road.


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